Weeknd – True Colors – Piano Tutorial

How to Play The Weeknd – True Colors – Piano Tutorial

It’s time for review of the new weekend  record starboy quickly following up his  2015 album beauty behind the madness on  which he had many chart climbing singles  Abel Tesfaye aka the weekend is back with a new album technically his third  album even though he’s been around for years at this point originally breaking through with this series of free mixtapes back in 2011 that were very well received he’s been going strong ever since I’ve been crazy about a lot of the material he’s put out i mean here and there he  has blown me away but regardless of what   I think he is most definitely a force in  modern music though at one point he was seen as just merely another Drake   protégé but recently he’s really  become a force unto himself and a huge  trend setter too because there are  countless artists on the internet right now that are just shamelessly copying is moody sad R&B style to the point where it just makes me sick as inconsistent as  some of the weekends albums can be i  will take able over some shoddy rip off  any day which is why I went into this  new record over here with high hopes that in the fact that i thought some of  the lead single from this thing we’re  pretty great   starboy the title track actually think  is one of the best singles with 2016

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