Best 88 Key Keyboard For Beginners In 2019 Reviews

Choosing an 88-key digital piano keyboard for a beginner isn’t easy. The task is complicated if you do not have a musical instruction or you have never dealt with the piano.

Best 88 Key Keyboard For Beginners 2019 review

Top 5 Best 88 Key Keyboard For Beginners In 2019 Reviews

There are many different brands and manufacturers that make many different versions of 88 key keyboards closest to acoustic. Currently best piano keyboard brands are Yamaha and Casio. One of all of the variety is not easy to choose the best digital piano for a beginner. This information will allow you to make the right option.

Our task is to learn how to play. If we are already able to play, we must improve our skills and sharpen our existing skills.


First, we need to decide on the criteria for choosing a piano for a beginner.

1. “Smart” Piano
2. Sound quality
3. Keyboard quality
4. Ability to connect to the PC
5. Value for money


We have compiled an infographic for quick selection by price.

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Best 88 Key Keyboard For Beginners Infographic

Comparsion Table

We have compiled a quick comparison table to help you decide on buying the best 88-key piano keyboard

[table id=3 /]

OK, let’s start!

Casio CGP-700BK 88-Key Digital Grand Piano

That piano keyboard we think are great value for the money.

Casio CGP-700BK 88-Key Digital Grand Pian

“Casio has squeezed a nine foot concert grand piano into a digital piano format…..”

This piano keyboard is amazing, had good sound, fantastic weighted keys. And it’s just best portable digital piano with weighted keys.


Casio CGP-700BK has the full-size 88 keys keyboard. It’s the basis that brings this piano closer to the acoustic version. At present, not all analogs in this price category can be found in this aspect, the majority has only 76 keys. Tactile imitation of hammer mechanism is necessary to give the instrument even more similarity with acoustic piano.

Sound quality

The depth of the sound is provided by AHL-processor and 48-voice polyphony. The choice of acoustic effects is represented by ten Voices: Stereo piano, monophonic piano, an effect of the church organ, string ensemble three different variations of Electro piano, vibraphone, harpsichord, and, finally, Electro organ. Many people say that this is a complete primitive and absolutely unnecessary heresy, but personally, I like it. Perhaps this is due to the fact that I am not a professional musician, but anyway – still like it!

Ability to connect to the PC

All the connectors of this piano model are on the back of it. The total of these connectors are four: The main, designed for the power adapter tool, the headphone jack, the USB port required to connect to the computer (and, accordingly, the possibility of using the piano as a MIDI keyboard ( Musical instrument Digital Interface)), the cable itself is not included, it is necessary to buy and, of course, the connector for the pedal.

Key features:

  • The first interesting feature of this electric piano is the Casio CGP 700 – a 5.3 ”color touch-screen display, through which the full functionality of the instrument is available, and access to all digital piano settings is organized;
  • The second interesting feature of this Casio digital piano is a 6-column sound system with a total power of 40W (four speakers in the top pianoforte and two subwoofers in the proprietary stand), which creates excellent, excellent sound from all 550 voices of this digital piano.
  • When you are inspired, it is quick and easy to record your performance. The CGP-700 includes a 17-track MIDI recorder as well as a USB audio recorder. Easily transfer your recordings to a computer to share music.

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The ONE Smart Piano

The One Smart Piano keyboard is pricey, but it really is wonderful for people wanting to learn to play. By the way it is the best starter keyboard for learning piano

The ONE Smart Piano 88 key keyboard

“A piano that teaches you to play!”

Connect your tablet or smartphone to your smartphone, download the free app and get access to thousands of notes, hundreds of videos, music hearing systems and many other features. Start training with a personal tutor from Hoffman Academy of Music: With One Smart Piano you will learn solfeggio, understand the classical works, and later compose and execute your first melody.

During training the system will evaluate your level of play, and the highlighting of notes on the keyboard will help to play the melody correctly and get the maximum score. If you already know how to play, go directly to your favorite songs and execute the Beatles, Coldplay, Rihanna, Avicii.

Key features:

  • The ONE Smart Piano app for iOS and Android is designed to work seamlessly with the computer keyboard. When you’re playing a song the keys on the keyboard light up to assist you.
  • Integrated video lessons, and piano games, thousands of free sheet music
  • The keys feel like solid expensive piano keys
  • This smart piano also adds MIDI compatibility and works with other MIDI-based apps, such as Yousician, Piano Maestro, even Garage Band.

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Yamaha P125 88 Key Digital Piano

Yamaha P125 it’s a best digital piano under $700. We describe in detail the features of the Yamaha P-125, which replaced the legendary sales hit Yamaha P-115

yamaha p 125


The Yamaha P-125 keyboard module represents the same standard of GHS keys-two-touch keys. Double rehearsals on such a keyboard will not be performed due to the missing third sensor. Which is clearly not a plus tool. There is also not enough spraying on the white keys (there are only black keys) so that the fingers did not slip during long sessions of the game. And in general texture of keys-it would be a plus to authenticity, for which all manufacturers of the digital piano.

Key features:

  • The weighted keyboard of Graded Hammer Standard simulates the hammer keyboard of the acoustic piano.
  • The Yamaha P-125 loudspeakers are arranged in such a way that the sound does not dissipate somewhere over the piano and does not play in different directions
  • The lack of MIDI OUT is compensated by USB to HOST this is the standard solution for digital pianos.

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Casio Privia PX-160BK

Today Casio PX-160 is one of the best digital pianos in the price category up to $700.

This is the first model in the popular lineup Privia, which the Casio has been releasing for several years, and seems to be in no hurry to withdraw from production. This 88-key piano keyboard is ideal for self-study.


The weighted piano keys are made of synthetic material under ebony and ivory, which is a strong comparative advantage. This coating eliminates the slippage of the fingers when playing fast passages, which is peculiar to the usual plastic keys without spraying. This is, in fact, a serious moment and pleases that the manufacturer uses spraying even in this budget tool.

Sound quality

The digital piano Casio PX-160  cannot boast an abundance of acoustic timbres (there are only 18 of them). The company’s engineers made an accent on the sound quality. The simulation of damper resonance and the response of the hammers is implemented, which adds authenticity to the sounding.

Tonal characteristics of acoustic timbres are more expressive than in any other model in this price range. The 128 voice polyphony allows you to play a variety of sounds in Split mode and this amount of notes is enough for this piano.

Key features:

  • The sound quality is terrific for a digital
  • A feature of the piano is the ability to layer two voices
  • It’s light enough to move easily but substantial enough to feel steady

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Yamaha P71 Digital Piano


Affordable and at the same time functional digital piano Yamaha P-71 is in great demand among newcomers and experienced performers. In this review, we will try to understand what exactly is interesting about this model.


The Yamaha P-71 88 key digital piano is equipped with an entry-level Graded Hammer Standard keyboard.  Returning the keys to their original position after pressing is very natural.

Sound quality

Yamaha P-71 uses the AMW stereo sampling technology, which is based on the sound recording of one of Yamaha’s acoustic pianos, the Yamaha P-71 sound is open, with a wide dynamic range of tones. While the sounding of Casio CDP-130 is strongly felt electronic component.

Key features:

  • Contains 10 different voices, including digitally sampled tones from real Yamaha acoustic grand pianos
  • The sound is warm and full
  • Full MIDI support

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So, our choice is Casio CGP-700BK, because this model has the best keyboard and is closest in sound to the acoustic piano.

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