Buying Guide: How to Choose Piano Tuner

All about piano tuners

Tuning a piano is a fairly simple process, although many who “know how” keep it a secret. And there is practically no information on the Internet about how to set up the piano yourself.

At a minimum, a piano should be tuned at least once a year.

someone tuning piano

You can quickly master the simplest tuning technique, using the directions on this page, but for a good tuning of the piano or piano, you need skill.


Professional Piano Tuning Kit

best piano tuner kit

First, you need to buy the Piano Tuner Kit. Usually, it includes Hammer, Mute tools, Felt Temperament Strip. There is a kit that we are using

The most important tool is the piano tuning lever, hammer, wrench or key. A tuning lever is specifically designed to fit piano pins, which are square but also tapered. Its star-shaped socket allows for different handle positions for control and comfort. The most widely-used tip size is “#2.”

 Electronic Chromatic Tuner

korg 120

An electronic chromatic tuner is good for the amateur. It “hears” the tone you are nearest, and automatically adjusts the display to match without having to press more buttons. It will also play all the tones in the middle octave.

That’s it! Now you are ready to tune your piano.

Piano Tuning Steps

Here is basic video tutorial:


First, I want to say about the quality settings. Tuner provides frequency determination with an accuracy of less than 1%, which is more than enough. A more real problem is that the instrument may not hold the pitch — with time the tree dries up, it happens that some pegs do not provide string tension.

In this case, it is better to contact a specialist, independent repair here is hardly advisable. Secondly, the question of price: is the home setting appropriate? You can say right away – if we talk about money, then no. Spent the whole day and a sore back after 8 hours of standing, bent over the instrument, do not cost these money savings.

But if we talk about technical and educational interest, the configuration process is quite interesting and worth it to perform. There is nothing unreal and finally, there are situations when it is simply impossible to call a piano tuner (for example, in small towns).

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