The Top 5 Best Pianos With Lighted Keyboard

Piano keyboards with light up keys are the best option for those who want to learn play on piano at an affordable price.

The user interface of all these keyboards is easy to use. In addition, the classes behind these tools are very interesting and visual, which is especially important for kids.

So, we have picked the best lighted keyboard of 2019 to guide you in making the right selection. 

Top 5 Options for light up keyboard 2019

Here are the top 5 best 61-key lighted keyboard. They are not listed in any particular order, they are all equally good choices:

The ONE Smart Piano Keyboard


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With light-up LED keys and app-enabled smarts, the One Smart Piano connects with your phone or tablet to teach you how to play it


  • Magical LED Lighted on the keys of this 61 keyboard piano-Follow the LED light and you can play the piano in minutes
  • Compared to other electric keyboards like this, it looks rather professional and nice
  • Sounds great and has a huge volume range


 Why we like It:  One Piano has lowered the price of entry to keyboard instruction and made it fun and engaging. 

Yamaha EZ-220


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The lighted keyboard Yamaha EZ-220 is amazing for the price and perfect for beginners and has the best value for money. 


  • 100 +1 demo built-in songs for easy learning – Fingering guide, Y.E.S., and “EZ-220 Page Turner” for iPad.
  • A USB port lets you connect to your computer for use with a wide range of music programs.
  • The keyboard automatically adjusts the tempo during learning lessons making your first attempts sound less awkward

 Why we like It: The sound quality is pretty good and iPad Page Turner app is a nice bonus which may be useful 


Casio LK-280

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Casio LK-280 is a compact and very easy to use a piano keyboard. A very clever learning system that allows you to learn some kind of light composition without any problems.


  • Step-teaching function to get great instruction from the very beginning
  • You can use any midi file with the song you like
  • 600 Built-in tones including stereo pianos

 Why we like It: USB port that allows you to rock out with popular music software

Teaching Electronic Keyboard


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Best Choice Products 61-Key Teaching Electronic Keyboard is perfect for beginners, this portable keyboard features multiple learning modes and light-up keys to make learning a breeze.


  •  It is perfect for playing the keyboard, practicing and just having fun for kids.
  • 3 TEACHING MODES: One-key, Follow, and Ensemble, with light-up keys that help with learning
  • Use the built-in recorder and playback functions to record anything you play!


 Why we like It: For the price this to me is exceptional. Paid a little over $100 for it and you get everything you need.


Casio LK-190


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Casio LK-190 it’s rocking’ little keyboard comes with a ton of amazing onboard sounds and great playing features.   It’s a perfect introduction to music-making, and a great-sounding way to have fun


  • The headphones look cheap and feel cheap but they sound way better than You would have expected
  • You can use any midi file with the song you like
  • 600 Built-in tones including stereo pianos


 Why we like It: The lesson mode also gives you a grade per section of the song based on how well your timing is and if you pressed the correct notes

Choosing the Best Light Up Piano Keyboard from the Best Keyboard Piano Brands

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Anytime you place an order for a piano or you visit a local music shop near you, always make sure what you are buying have the followings:


A good keyboard piano should have a warranty in the sense that, it helps in making the right assumption about the reliability of the instrument. A warranty-backed digital piano also protects you from manufacturer’s flaws and defects. 

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